Does Hygiene Ace® product come with hand dryers?2022-08-26T11:46:50+00:00

The hygiene Ace® products DO NOT come with hand dryers. Instead, it is a product that enhances the performance of hand dryers and protects the environment from the spread of germs and cross-contamination.

Where can I buy the Hygiene Ace® products?2022-08-26T11:45:26+00:00

You can order the Hygiene Ace® products online at www.hygeieneace.com/shop, or you can send an inquiry email to sales@hygieneace.com

Do Hygiene Ace® products kill germs on contact?2022-08-26T11:44:28+00:00

The Antimicrobial/Nano coating feature of the Hygiene Ace® products allows it to kill most germs on contact before they can grow.

Are Hygiene Ace® products maintenance-free?2022-08-26T11:44:02+00:00

The Hygiene Ace® products are entirely maintenance-free and do not require any power source to operate apart from regular cleaning,

Can the Hygiene Ace® product colours be custom-made to match my brand?2022-08-26T11:44:56+00:00

Yes. We have a custom order option available at the point of purchase. But exclusively to clients ordering above 500 units.

Is Hygiene Ace® already in the market?2022-08-26T11:42:55+00:00

The Hygiene Ace® products will be available in January 2022

Who is the producer of Hygiene Ace®?2022-08-26T11:41:30+00:00

The Hygiene Ace® brand and its products are the trading names of Moje Solutions Limited.

What is the warranty of Hygiene Ace® products?2022-08-26T11:42:09+00:00

All Hygiene Ace® products come with a standard one-year guarantee, but have an average life span of 3-5years, depending on the usage.

What is the installation process of Hygiene Ace® products?2022-08-26T11:25:39+00:00

You do not need a professional plumber or technical skills to install the Hygiene Ace® products. The installation is straightforward, and it comes with well-described step-by-step instructions.