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Hygiene Ace® A2022-08-30T11:56:54+00:00


Hygiene Ace® A is a smart splash guard that works perfectly with various commercial hand dryers. In addition, the sleek design and the built-in antimicrobial/Nano coating makes it a perfect complementary product for hand dryers and essential washroom accessories that can further reduce the spread of germs and cross-contamination. 

This product has three main components: the main bodyguard, the tray and the water drawer compartments. These three components work together to prevent water splash, cross-contamination, mould, damps and bacterial colonies on the wall. In addition, all parts can kill most germs on contact, making it an essential washroom accessory that can drastically reduce the spread of germs and improve public health and hygiene. 

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Image of the white Hygiene Ace A with the Orange tray


The Science

Image describing the science behind Hygiene Ace

We have not just created a product that can control the splash of water and prevent wet floors. Instead, we went the extra mile to imbed Antimicrobial/Nano-coating resistance.

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We know how important branding is for many companies. So one of the things we made sure of at the point of the design was finding a way to create a product that would not look

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Image describing maintenance for Hygiene Ace

The Hygiene Ace® A can be easily cleaned like every other washroom accessory, and the water drawer can be emptied periodically depending on usage. The Hygiene Ace has a self-draining

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Universal fitting2022-08-26T11:24:45+00:00

We understand that there are different shapes and styles of hand dryers in the market; hence, The Hygiene Ace® A was designed to fit underneath most hand dryers. In contrast, the Hygiene Ace® V perfectly suits the V-blade hand dryers.

Enhancing Hand dryers’ performance2022-08-26T11:23:39+00:00

The Hygiene Ace® A and V do not compete with hand dryers. Instead, they are suitable complimentary products to enhance the functionality of hand dryers whilst creating a more hygienic environment. In addition, it does not interfere with hand dryers’ air inlets and performance.

Splash control2022-08-26T11:22:38+00:00

You may not have noticed, but hand dryers splash water and germs all over the place when drying your hands, even to the wall where it is hanging. The hygiene Ace® A and V are designed to capture and collect most of the splashed water and reduce cross-contamination of germs.

Reduces slip and trip hazards2022-08-26T11:21:40+00:00

The wet floor is the last thing you want to see in the washroom. Apart from the fact that it can be irritating, it can also cause slips and trips that can lead to severe injuries. Unfortunately, this is one of the challenges we face in most public washrooms because of hand dryers. But worry no more, The Hygiene Ace® products are designed to collect most of the splashed water under the hand dryers. Hence, reducing slip and trip hazards.

Reduce Mold and Damp2022-07-04T09:49:57+00:00

If the water cannot get to the tiles, then there will not be mould or mildews.

Self-draining functionality2022-08-26T11:15:58+00:00

The Hygiene Ace® A and V are designed with self-draining functionalities for washrooms with heavy traffic. With the 15mm pipping feature of the water drawer, the Smart splash guard can be easily connected to the water waste system.

Antimicrobial/Nano coating2022-08-26T11:15:23+00:00

Hygiene ACE® is more than a complementary product for hand dryers. Its functionality goes far beyond trapping splashing water and preventing mould on the wall. It is a powerful product with antimicrobial properties that kill most germs on contact. This is one of Moje Solutions’ efforts to improve public health and hygiene.

Sustainable and minimal maintenance2022-08-26T11:14:36+00:00

Hygiene ACE® products are durable and highly sustainable. They comes with one year standard manufacturer’s warranty.  They are easy to clean, and most importantly, they operate at zero cost – do not require electricity or any form of power to function.

Reduce cross contamination2022-08-26T11:13:28+00:00

Preventing cross-contamination has always been at the centre of every public hygiene effort. The Hygeian Ace brands are here to contribute to that effort. With our antimicrobial/nano-coating technology, you can guarantee that Hygiene Ace® would significantly reduce the spread of germs to the barest minimum.

Features and Functionality

Main Guard Body

The outer curvy body of the Hygiene Ace® models captures most of the contaminated splashed water coming of users’ hands and stops it from going on to the nearby walls, floors and sideways.

Perforated Tray

A unique removable Perforated Tray fitted inside the guard, plays a key part to stop the water from splashing upwards on to users’ hands.

Water Drawer

The removable water drawer has a transparent circular window on the front showing the current water level in the drawer. Maximum water fil level, indicates the requirement to empty the water drawer.


The water drawer is held securely in place by a concealed hook from the underneath. This can be flexed down to release the drawer and a finger recess/handle enables the drawer to be held safely when being emptied.

Self-draining Features and Functionality

Hygiene Ace® can be plumbed directly into the existing waste system of any wash room. This option bypasses the need to manually empty the water tray, further reducing cleaning efforts.

Thin-wall sections on rear of the drawer can be cut away allowing the 15mm pipping to extend outwards and be connected to a water waste system. This option bypasses the need to manually empty the water drawer, further reducing maintenance.

A 15mm tubular extension is molded on the underside of the Guard housing. This enables the unit to be plumbed directly into the existing waste system of the bathroom, using a 15mm push-fit elbow joint.


Main Technical Details

  • Height – 362 mm
  • Depth – 200 mm
  • Width – 375 mm
  • Internal height – 260 mm
  • Intermal width – 311 mm
  • Water Storage capacity – 1.35 litres
  • Weight – 1.360 kg


Hygiene Ace® A modes have been designed to fit under most hand dryers up to the width of 375mm.